Strong Tower Gamers - Our Mission

The primary purpose and mission of Strong Tower Gamers is to bring the love, hope, and peace of Jesus Christ to gamers and nerds in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Midwest, and eventually the wider world. We will accomplish this by planning and organizing events where everyone is included, shown the love of Jesus, encouraged, and provided a place to play some games and talk about life.

These events will be safe places where everyone can feel welcome and have some fun.

Nerds and gamers have a specific culture and as such may have been alienated, demonized, dismissed, or simply ignored by Christians. We want to change that by providing a different approach through fun gaming events where we can create a community where we can speak redemption, hope, truth, and love into nerd culture. We will seek to provide an invitation to Christ through these events and advocate for them and their culture in the body of Christ.

This is important work because God loves nerds and gamers, too.

We believe we have been called to this work as written in scripture:

Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, Romans 10:14-15, John 15:16, Ephesians 4:16, and 2 Timothy 2:2.